Perfect enchancement for the home

Accommodate a full size grand piano, but want the look of one. With its realistic piano touch and good sound quality the Minigrand is an excellent piano at a brilliant price.






Drum Kit

The Acoustic Guitars offers a perfect blend of vintage features and modern technology to create an acoustic guitar of exceptional tone, playability and classic good looks. Come string with either our 36" or 41" Acoustic Guitar. 

Compact and Attractive



Feel like you're in Hawaii? This Ukulele is handcrafted with Eastern Mahogany wood top, back, and sides that delivers a clear and crisp tone no matter what your playing style. The Ukulele is equipped with geared tuners, rosewood fingerboard, and genuine Aquila strings. 

Ready to and Then Some


The Perfect Size for Children

A guitar video game is one thing, why not start your kids with the real thing? Robson’s instruments for kids are the perfect size for children. Choose from Robson’s 30” guitar or 3-Piece Junior Drum Set.

The Robson Junior 3-Piece Drum Kit is the perfect size for pre-adolescents to learn with and develop their musical talent. It’s equipped with many of the same features and qualities found on a full size Drum Set – make no mistake, this is the real deal – not a toy!


3-Piece Junior Drum Kit