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Digital Mini Grand Piano

If you’ve always wanted a grand piano but didn’t have the space then the Robson Mini Grand Piano is the perfect solution. Elegantly finished in a black gloss and equipped with a huge variety of voices, demos and effects, it is truly ideal for the enthusiast looking to master the intricacies and challenges of the piano.   



•  Keyboard: 88 hammer keys (A-1 C7) with touch response

•  Display: Multi-function backlight LCD display

•  Touch sensitivity: Normal, Hard, Soft, Off

•  Polyphony: 64 notes (max)

•  Voices: 8 voices: Grand Piano, Studio Piano, E-Piano 1,

•  E-Piano 2, Harpsi, Vibes, Strings, Organ;

•  Dual Voice with layer volume adjustement

•  Demo: 8 incorporated demo songs

•  Effects: Reverb, Chorus

•  Recorder functions: 2- Track Sequenzer

•  Pedal controls: Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain

•  Connections: Headphones (x 2), LINE OUT, LINE IN, MIDI IN,

    MIDI OUT, USB, Pedals, Power cord


  • Dimensions (lid open): 60.43” W x 39.39” D x 14.37” H

  • Dimensions (lid closed): 23.23” W x 28.94” D x 8.46” H

  • Piano Weight: 151.80lb

  • Bench Dimensions: 30” W x 15” D x 20”H

  • Bench Weight: 28.60 lb

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